Production Details

The ultimate key to success in any essential oil enterprise is the quality. We believe that we cannot create quality oils without using the best grades of natural products. It is those grades of unparalleled quality that Aarya Aroma provides to its own distributors, and consequently to its consumer goods customers. Having been involved at first hand with essential oil harvesting and production, we are committed to all of the stringent quality control that must be in place to maintain high quality standards.
Aarya Aroma has a wide network of reliable and committed partners in supply of raw materials (farmer’s co-operatives and community forest user groups) across Nepal. We cultivate some of the herbs harvested from the best available quality plants
Lemongrass towards the still


Oxen powered transportation



Processing of herbs

During steam distillation plant materials are subjected to in a stainless steel distillation unit where the steam runs through the plant material for a specific period of time. The hot steam breaks down the cells of the plant and carries the essential oils to a cooling chamber where the hydrosol (water portion of the plant) and the essential oil (volatile oils of the plant) are then separated.



Removal of distilled herbs

Pre-treatment of the herbs


Some form of pre-treatment like drying is very important stage in the processing. We have made post-harvest treatment as a compulsory procedure prior to distillation. Such treatment is carried out with great precaution to avoid any kind of contamination. The herbs are then packed in whole form or in cut/sifted or grounded form before they are placed in distillation unit.

Sun drying plant material


Manual removal of weeds
SS 304 Still
Carefully choosing the right plant material

Steps to distillation


The pre-treated plants are taken to the distillers, located right on the farm, and the distillation process is started. The plant materials are compressed just right, so that when the steam goes through, it can maintain proper pressure and proper flow. There are several pre-warming controls that are taken into account to reduce the risk of the essential burned during distillation.
After this process, condensing system starts. It is balanced in such a way to produces the maximum amount of oil with minimal waste.