Extraordinary gifts of our mother nature.

Situated amidst the Himalaya, Nepal’s rich biodiversity is the proof that nothing can be more enriching than the nature itself. The nature, still untouched by human hands, Nepal can proudly claim to have the most unconventional plant varieties; and Aarya Aroma constantly perseveres in bringing to you the finest and the most captivating essential oils, herbs and spices through the country’s incredibly unique range of plants. Our partners in the essential oils, herbs and spices fraternity can be a cent percent assured that we deliver simply the purest!
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By local and indigenous people

We at Aarya Aroma believe in the concept of “One earth, one family” and therefore, we have sustainably formed a farmer’s cooperative to make them a part of our Aarya Aroma family by helping them participate in the cultivation and production of our exclusive medicinal and aromatic plants.

Why we are here

Aarya Aroma ensure a better standard of living for indigenous farmers by technology transfer and a guaranteed buy back of cultivated and wild harvested raw materials. The cooperative has equipped them with an opportunity by providing employments and promoting cultivation in community forest and marginal private and owned by the farmers.