Extraordinary gifts of our mother nature

Situated amidst the Himalaya, Nepal’s rich biodiversity is the proof that nothing can be more enriching than the nature itself. The nature, still untouched by human hands, Nepal can proudly claim to have the most unconventional plant varieties; and Aarya Aroma constantly perseveres in bringing to you the finest.

Our Story

Aarya Aroma , an essential oil manufacturing company, is professionally established to manufacture and market absolutely pure essential oil distilled from a unique range of plants/natural herbs grown in Nepal.


We believe that we cannot create quality oils without using the best grades of natural products.

Quality Assurance

All our essential oils carry “Certificates of analysis” and any client ordering essential oils from us can request a copy of the certificate of analysis

How to order our products?

If you wish to order by mail you can write the items and quantity you wish to purchase on a paper along with your name, shipping address and telephone number.

Our Products